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Meet Mr. Kurtz

1.  I grew up in Arroyo Grande, Ca (just south of San Luis Obispo, in the same area as Pismo Beach)

2.  I have been happily married since 2002 and have one son born in January of 2012.

3.  I love studying languages:

  • Four Years of High School French with one year college French. 
  • Two years of College Japanese and lots more with my wife
  • Two years of College Spanish
  • Two years of Korean (Military Language School in Monterey)

4.  I love to travel:

  • Took a three week car trip with two other good friends across the western US after graduating from high school
  • Spent one semester in Paris where I traveled to London, Monte Carlo, Nice, Brugge, or just walked around Paris by foot
  • Lived in Korea for a Year
  • Spent many weeks in Hawaii, especially Maui ( I love Maui's beaches)
  • Spent many vacations in Mexico, including Copper Canyon, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun
  • Spent many vacations in Japan

5.  In 1988 I chose to stop eating all meat and seafood. 

6.  I love learning:

  • Took 90 semester units at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo
  • Earned a B.A. in Theoretical Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz (Theoretical Linguistics is kind of like advanced math but with words not numbers)
  • Earned a Master's in Reading and Language Arts at CSU East Bay
  • You may even see me taking a course at Ohlone just to refresh my memory

7.  I have worked full time since I was 15 and 1/2.  I have a strong work ethic and believe in working hard for what you want, even if it means doing something you do not necessarily like to do.

8.  I love to read Children's Literature. I am constantly buying books.  My favorite series include: Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, Bunnicula, Shiloh, Bartimaeus trilogy, Peter and the Starcatchers, Fablehaven, Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles, and Ranger's Apprentice.  I also really enjoy books by Gary Paulsen, Jean Craighead George, Paul Fleischman, and Bruce Hale.

9.  I love to drink coffee (dark, cream, no sugar).  My favorite coffees are Major Dickason's Blend from Pete's Coffee and Lava Flow from Maui grown Coffee's and Ethiopian blend from an organic coffee roaster in Calistoga called Yo El Rey.  Yum, yum, yum!!

10.  I love to bike.  I ride to school around three times a week.  During the summer, I ride anywhere from 100 to 150 miles a week. My goal is to try to ride 2000 miles.  Once, I even rode with a friend from San Francisco to Pismo Beach in under a week (about 180 miles) down highway 1.  My favorite rides around Fremont are: the Hayward Hills (38 miles), Palo Alto loop(50 miles), Dublin loop(40 miles), and a loop around Fremont (30 miles).

11.  My favorite places to shop are Target, Michael's, Macy's, and just recently Baby's R Us.

12.  I love to eat Japanese food, Chinese, Indian (both northern and southern), Korean, and Mexican food.  Mainly, I love food with spice.  My challenge for many of these, except Indian food, is that I do not eat meat or seafood so I am limited in the foods I can eat.  


13.  I am very independent, some might even say stubborn.  I love to have challenges and goals to meet, especially self set goals and challenges (but then again, aren't these the best kind anyway?).

14.   I am very practical. In teaching, I only include something if it makes sense with my overall goal.  For example, I rarely do art just for art sake, It will be embedded in a history, science, or reading project.  But this practical nature also leads the way in my personal life.